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I can’t make this stuff up.

There are several reasons that this sign is disturbing, other than the obvious.

This was another house find – but *D couldn’t recall whether he picked this up along his journeys, or if it was his parents’.

Either way, I’m sure you can guess which pile this went into.
And no, I will not have a man cave in the home I reside in.  It will be a proper basement pub, and despite the wishes of some – women will most certainly be allowed.

Now to sharpie in “WO” before men…


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So far, the What The ? posts have been a mix of funny yet possibly usable retro accents that may actually find a place in the house post construction.

This is different, at least to me.

This post could also be called “The Living Museum,” as the Prophet Himself often calls our house.

Here’s why:

Forgive the low quality photo – but you are looking at a section of a book case in our dining room, a village of tiny figurines.  Though looking sparse above, kind friends and family have been pilfering items from here for years.

hey bull dog

As you can kind of see in the above picture, the village was constructed of books stacked in varied heights with an old linen fabric draped for the setting.

It’s actually kind of sweet, and filled with whimsy, but it had to go.

So as we pack up the house, into a box these all went.  Wrapped safely in newspaper, I tried to keep the animals grouped together as they have been for so long.

No, I never dusted this little village.
I have to give *D’s mom credit for assembling this sweet little vignette.

what’s up, Mallard

I’m still debating what to do with all these little guys after we move back in.

Do we recreate this little village of tiny figurines?

Or randomly scatter throughout the house – a sort of “Where’s Waldo” of kitsch?

Where is the Smoking Caterpillar this week?

Creepy Owl, how did you get here?

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Firstly, I must apologize for the lack of posts this year.  Long story short – Fall 2011 was pretty lame.  So now we’re in the midst of Summer 2012, and things are starting to move along again!  I hope to begin sharing actual progress photos soon of the house renovation, which is supposed to start this Fall.  Until then, I’m still sifting through goodies in our crazy, never-ending house.
Including the Black Poodle.

The Black Poodle

This little guy was actually the motivation to start this blog in the first place.
Why would such an unassuming little trinket motivate a blog?
Look closer.

That’s right – This is no ordinary crocheted animal.  This not-so-innocent poodle is a ruse for someone’s secret drinking.  Of course this was in my house!

This secret was unearthed a few months back when our super tall friend The Prophet saw the poodle and let his curiosity get the better of him.  We are all better off now because of this.
And what sort of bottle was hidden inside this little friend?

Old Grand Dad, of course.  Are you really that surprised?

Needed to show you one last close up of that bottle.  I bet it has aged wonderfully.

I will try my best to keep this going better and document all the wacky finds more.  It’s been a crazy year – but I’m back!
Did you miss these wacky house finds?  Find anything fun yourself?

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Nails + Wood = Ring Holder

What:  A very manly ring stand, jewelry holder, whatever you call it

Where: The small front room

Keep or Sell?

This is actually pretty awesome.

And as you can see, *D has already approved this piece and hung his ring on it.  It’s official.

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Getting Blasted Area


What:  Getting Blasted Area – Caution Men Drinking sign

Where:  *D actually spent money on this.


I’m noticing that more and more of the “What The ?!” posts are pretty self explanatory.  I just had to include this, though.

Oh, and despite all the decanters and bourbon bottles, I swear we’re not alcoholics.


We’re obviously keeping this, to proudly display in *D’s basement bar.

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Knit Animal - A Bunny?

What:  Pom-pom handed knit bunny with googley eyes.

Or is it?!

Where:  The Odd Small Room – Part Linen Closet, Part Library.

What is it really:  A cup, or shot, cosy.

*D says it really hides a candle, but I found no evidence to support this.

Bunny Cosy Uncapped

Either way, it gives me the creeps and is now in the garage sale pile.  Although, due to hurricanes, anniversaries and other obligations, we basically missed garage sale season this year.

So what do you think this is?  Any takers?

Bunny Cup?

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TV Tray

One of the advantages of our house situation is that we already have a lot of furniture to work with.
One of the disadvantages of our house situation is that we have a lot of old, weathered furniture to deal with.

I know I shouldn’t complain, and for the most part – I love what we have to work with, but then there are some items that are just too difficult to love.  Enter the 1970s? TV Trays.  One is currently hiding in the basement, which was fine with me.  For years though, *D has insisted on keeping this TV tray on our beautiful front porch.

TV Tray Close Up Glory

The legs are old and super rusted.  The top, while well-made and sturdy, has suffered years of being left outside year round.  It has also seen its fair share of parties over the past few decades, so overall the poor TV tray is looking a bit beat up and stained.

Enter my friend Rustoleum.

Rustoleum Painter's Touch Ultra Cover

I was actually shocked with how quickly *D agreed to let me spray paint his beloved TV trays.  While planning for this, I kept envisioning these relics updated in a deep Navy blue.

So I sprayed the TV tray down with the hose in the backyard.  Then, I scoured it with my trusty metal wire brush.  And then I spray painted the hell out of it.

TV Tray - Mid Update

Full Disclosure/Lesson Learned:
Wear a stupid face mask.  I did not, and suffered for it.
And by suffered, I was dizzy on and off all afternoon – and the underside of my nose looked like I spent the day snorting Smurfs.  Not a great look, I’m told.

I left the middle part mostly untouched, as the plan was to utilize scraps of performance vinyl wallcovering to finish the tray part.

This was tricky, as the indented part of the tray was not a clear shape.  So, I just eye-balled it when I did the cutting.  Not the most accurate, but for a TV tray on my porch used to hold *D’s ashtray – I wasn’t worried.

3M Spray Adhesive

I used 3M Super 77 Spray Adhesive to attach the wallcovering scrap to the table, because I had some left over from wedding crafts last year.

I am mostly satisfied with the 3M spray, but the edges are coming up a bit.  I blame the weather as well, and have mostly solved this with frequent applications of CrazyGlue.

As my initial TV tray project progressed, I went a little crazy.  Maybe it was the fumes I was inhaling?

In my spray paint insanity, I remembered this sweet garage score, and turned my little TV tray project into a whole porch overhaul.

I blame the fumes.

Two Tier Wooden Side Table

This mid-century side table was found in our garage.  Made from a cheaper sort of wood, *D and I debated whether or not to save this when it was unearthed from the garage.

We decided to keep it, if only just for this season.  We entertain a lot – especially during the summer months – so an extra surface was nice to add.  Since we were/are not sure if we are going to keep any of these items post-Renovation, we did everything the cheap and easy way.

Just like with the TV tray, I sprayed down the table, let it dry in the sun, and hit it with my wire brush.

These projects, and this blog, are definitely an exploration in learning from mistakes.  When I worked on the TV tray, I spray painted first and then cut the vinyl.

Not wanting to chip or mess up the paint on the side table, this time I decided to measure the vinyl first.

So I cut the vinyl down loosely to cover the bottom of the table, and then fine-tuned the cuts with my scissor and ‘vintage’ box cutter.

Measuring White Vinyl wallcovering

See that smudge?   No worries about that!  This performance vinyl wallcovering is fully scrubbable.

Think I’m crazy for picking white?  It was the only scrap I had, and seriously this stuff is durable.

Cutting Edges with Vintage Box Cutter

At this point, *D checked in to see how I was doing and to observe my techniques…

After cutting the pieces perfectly to size, and putting them aside, I spray painted the whole table with the same Rustoleum Navy. Again, I left the tops clear where I was planning to lay the vinyl.

Painted Side Table

After covering the table and the pieces of vinyl with spray adhesive, I very carefully slid the pieces into place.

It was at this point that *D saw some issues with my technique.  Again, everything is a learning process.

Finished Side Table

Don’t you just love the contrast of the navy and white?!

Inner Shot of Side Table

After the second completed piece, I really started to lose my mind.

I hauled the tables up to the porch and was instantly proud of my work.

But then I looked at the coffee table that we had found and spray painted two years ago – and suddenly it looked really sad.

White Coffee Table

To the backyard!  I only had one, mostly full can of spray paint on hand so this piece was just touched up a bit.

Laying the Vinyl

At first, I was going to reign myself in and merely spray paint the table.  But then I saw these other vinyl wallcovering scraps in my hoarding bin, and started experimenting.

I waited a bit to show *D, but at this point my insanity had caught on.  He paused his yard work and started experimenting with me.

This is how we learned yet another lesson:
It is actually better/easier/more exact to spray adhesive the pieces onto the piece uncut first.  THEN, you should go back with the box cutter and cut exact edges.

Finished Coffee Table

Isn’t it beautiful?  I especially love the coffee table, as that was a total collaboration between *D and I.  Newlywed bliss, remember?

So together, we carried the coffee table to the porch to join its other painted buddies.  Including the wicker chairs I discussed here.

And after all that hard work, sanding and painting out in the sun, what could be more refreshing than to perch here with a special order British shelter magazine, my *D, and a cocktail?


Porch Shot

Another reason we love suburbia.

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