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For our wedding last year, I went a little overboard on DIY projects to decorate and accent the day.  I would not take back one blister, one cut, not even the life-long battle with arthritis that I have ushered in due to over-crafting.  It made me so happy to see all my work exhibited on the actual day of the wedding – and to be completely honest – it really did swell my ego and make me feel like a Martha-worthy DIY goddess.  There – I admitted it.

That said – I was beyond honored/humbled/flattered/excited when my best friend from college asked me to contribute to her wedding day!  Monique has always been like a long lost sister to me, and graced *D and I with a reading at our wedding.  She also happens to be an avid blogger!  Check her out here – Tipa Tipa.

Picking an actual camp as their wedding location, I was asked to make bridal bunting to hang from all the guest cabins and throughout the various locations.  The wedding passed about a month ago, and I am still so happy with the results and that I was able to contribute.

Below are my step by step instructions for this super simple, yet very impactful party decoration choice.

I used these instructions on the Joyful Abode blog as a guide – and made my own tweaks as I went.

Fabric for bunting – Monique searched where every crafter knows to search – Etsy –  and sent everything directly to me.  She purchased the fabric from Iron Sea on Etsy.

I had to laugh each time I opened a new box, as *D and I have closets full of some of the exact same prints!  Now that I’ve been documenting all the strange house finds, this shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone.

Vintage fabric from Etsy

To get started, I looked at all the different colors and patterns of fabric and tried to group them together.  Monique and I had decided to mix up the patterns for each string of bunting, and overall the colors looked wonderful together.

Measuring Flag Jig & Supplies

Tools to complete the project:

New Cutting Mat – this was a great find, purchased here.
Rotary Cutter – I purchased my Fiskar at Michael’s and use it all the time now.
Cardboard – to create a flag jig
Old school ruler – Found in *D’s mom’s sewing table
Sharpie – see above
Bias tape – which was actually hard to find!  I was very impressed with the selection and pricing at the Vogue Fabric Store Online

Cardboard Flag

Using the Joyful Abode directions as a guide, I made a few jigs and a few cuts of fabric to see which size looked best.

After picking the 6.5″ x 8″ flag size, I got to work.  It should be noted that I am not the biggest stickler when it comes to accuracy, so it’s more of an approximate 6.5″ x 8″.

Hook Ends of Bias Tape

Knowing that the bunting was going to be hung the day before the wedding, on the porches of the cabins, I made sure to include hooks at the end.

Sew the ends over, creating a little fold or hook hole.  That way,when you go to hang up the bunting – it goes up easily!

Fabric flags - ready to be sewn

Not the best picture – but some of the lovely fabric flags waiting to be sewn!

Attempt at pinning

It should also be noted that this was one of my first official sewing projects.

So everything was an experiment and a learning process.

Hence, my attempt at pinning.  For this project, I found it to be much more annoying and time consuming.

I found that if you slide the fabric into the bias tape and align it to be straight, natural tension will keep it where it belongs.
As long as you hold the bias tape taught, then the fabric should stay tight and straight within the bias tape.

That, and with such thin bias tape, I had to stop every few seconds to remove pins.  No fun.

Pinning is for suckers

Well – for me, pinning wasn’t necessary.  I know that several future projects will need pins, and I will then be offended by my own post.

Completed Bunting

I’m so happy that I was able to do this project for my dear friend, and learn along the way.

For all friends and family members – expect lots of holiday/occasion themed bunting!


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