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Every June, our lovely suburban town organizes a round of bulk trash pick-up for all the residents who buy the expensive permit.   This grants residents the chance to get rid of all the crap they’ve accumulated through the years.  And it somehow opens up a flood gate of trash pickers from the whole Tri State Area.

Myself included!

During this period of widespread purging, it is a common sight to see a slow moving car creep by a trash pile – scoping out the goods.  And in certain neighborhoods, you can score some pretty good treasures.

*D and I purchase a permit just about every year, yet still have whole rooms of knick-knacks to chuck.  Either way, I was very satisfied with this year’s permit purge, as we definitely got rid of a lot of trash this year (including a 30 year old ping pong table).  We were also lucky to pick up these lovelies.

Wicker Score!

Because everyone knows a suburban porch needs as much wicker furniture as possible.

These two lounge chairs were a lucky find, as I’ve been meaning to add more options to join the “king’s” seat and love seat we already refurbished.

These were originally spotted by *D and my father.  Knowing my love for all things wicker, they grabbed one – and took me back to evaluate the others on my own.

As we are definitely in Trash not Treasure mode, I limited myself to only grabbing two.  One for me and one more for guests!

Sweet Wicker Lounger

To kick off this Wicker Chair Revival, I drenched them both with my garden hose, to get all the leaves and dirt off.

Warning to other DIY’ers – While doing this, though, I chipped off tons of paint.  I would have picked a different spot in the yard to do the soaking, had I realized how many paint chips would fly off.

After moving the chairs to the back of the yard, where no grass will grow, I brought out the steel bristle brush and sand paper, and went to town on these suckers.

Luckily, they were both in pretty good condition – just a little dirty and with a few spots of discoloration.

My Wicker Chair's Undercarriage

After spraying the chairs down again with the hose, to get rid of all the dirt and dust, we were ready to paint.

After debating which color to enrich these two newbies with, I made the executive decision to try Winter Grey by Rustoleum.  It seemed very similar to the color of the porch, but would not be too matchy.  I also wanted to have a little contrast between the stark white (or once stark white) pieces that we already owned.

A Wicker Pair

Still being new to this whole blogging thing, I obviously forgot to take pics of several steps.
Either way, after a trip to HomeGoods, they now look like this.

1 Cute Wicker Chair

Another Cute Wicker Chair

Aren’t they cute?!

The Finished Pair

What do you think?!

I’m happy to say that this project inspired a makeover of some other items that were already being used on the porch.   Post coming soon…

But as a preview, check out this post on my porch by my lovely designer friends John Loecke and Jason Oliver Nixon on their fun blog Demystifying Design!


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here we go!

It has been recommended that I start a blog. So this is me, doing just that.

I hope that the interwebs appreciates my humor and gusto as my husband (hereafter referred to as simply *D) and I deconstruct his childhood home in Suburbia. We pre-inherited a 100 year old Side Hall Victorian house in a beautiful suburb of NYC, in New Jersey. This home happens to be in the town that both *D and I both grew up in.  Although we weren’t technically high school sweethearts, you get the drift.

After years of being somewhat neglected (due to several factors, which I will not bore you with on here), it is time the house gets a big overhaul. So that is where we (and you, dear blog-readers, aka Mom), come in.

So bear with me as I translate our finds and our work onto this blog.

I will share the before pics, the during pics, and the after pics – over the course of the next two years. Or ten years, based on *D’s lofty ideas of design and construction…

This journey will not simply be photos of our unique house. It should also be noted that *D’s parents both had an affinity for knick-knacks and for compulsive saving. As we go through the house, room by room, we often have to stop and consider why something was purchased, what usage was intended, or why something was saved.  I plan to share these little treasures with you all along the way.

And in addition to posting about the treasures we unearth, I will also be sharing lots of other goodies.

To celebrate our first year of marriage, I’ve arranged several small weekend trips for us to take together, exploring new cities and sights.   So expect some honest reviews, tips and fun pics – including my favorite of the HV/AC Farm. Stay tuned.

Another reason I felt compelled to start this blog was to review and highlight some of the cultural goodies this great Garden State has to offer – but is often not recognized for.  So expect some yummy restaurant reviews, cultural events, home tours, etc.

And lastly – to finally capture and share all my design forays, crafting binges and DIY moments of glory and shame, I will share all my tips, true stories, and of course pics.

That’s right – all while DeConstructing Suburbia.

We’re not all white picket fences and green front lawns out here.
I promise.

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