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Whenever *D and I travel, we make it a point to purchase a piece of local art, try some off the beaten track restaurant, and overall try to take something away from every experience.  This has brought us to fun places throughout the years that continue to inspire us now as we set about designing our house.

On our recent anniversary trip to Baltimore, MD, we were lucky to experience one of our Top 5 Meals ever – at the Woodberry Kitchen.

We loved every single detail of the restaurant and every single bite of food.  I seriously cannot recommend this place enough.

While there, *D said it would be tacky to take pictures of every single thing I loved (which was a lot) but I did sneak this pic in the bathroom.

Woodberry Kitchen - Bathroom

Yes, I was a creep in the bathroom with a camera.

But check it out!  White penny round tiles on the floor.  Deep navy subway tiles – which, although I thought I was over subway tiles, I am totally smitten by.

Wondering about the walls?  They papered all the bathrooms with recipe pages from back issues of old cooking magazines, such as Gourmet.

Woodberry Kitchen - Bathroom Sink

And can the sink be any more perfect?  A simple bowl and a single spigot, because that is all you need.

I also loved that they use actual hand towels instead of paper towels.  So green.

*D and I have both always loved the look of papered walls, so it was no surprise when we both blurted out that we loved the bathrooms.  After sitting outside after dinner, at the lovely fire pit, we talked it over and have now decided to replicate this in our house renovation next year.

But instead of papering a bathroom, we are thinking of doing one wall like this in our kitchen.  For years we’ve been saving menus from our favorite restaurants, as most of our favorites are local, farm to table venues that change the menus frequently.  So we already have a stash to start with!

Are we crazy?

I guess sitting outside in a beautiful spot like this, on a beautiful summer night, will bring out the crazy in you.  That, or the Whiskey Smash I started the meal with.

Woodberry Kitchen's Fire Pit


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